Pricing for Grooming Services at PETicure Grooming CA

Discover our competitive grooming prices and treat your furry friends to the pampering they deserve. At PETicure Grooming CA, we offer top-notch grooming services for dogs, cats, and other beloved pets. We believe that quality grooming should be affordable and accessible to all pet owners in California.

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Transparent Grooming Costs

Our grooming prices are straightforward and transparent. We want you to know exactly what to expect when you bring your pet to us. No hidden fees or surprises, just honest pricing that reflects the level of care and expertise we provide.

Dog Grooming Prices

For our canine companions, we offer a range of grooming services to keep them looking and feeling their best. Our dog grooming prices vary based on the size, breed, and specific needs of your dog. From basic baths and nail trims to stylish haircuts and teeth cleaning, we have options to suit every pup.

Cat Grooming Prices

Cats also deserve to be pampered, and our cat grooming prices cater to their unique grooming requirements. Whether your cat needs a simple bath and brush or a stylish lion cut, we have the right services at the right prices. We understand that cats can be sensitive, and our trained groomers handle them with care.

Special Packages

To make pet grooming even more convenient and cost-effective, we offer special packages that bundle multiple services at discounted rates. These packages are designed to provide comprehensive care for your pet, ensuring they leave our salon looking and feeling fantastic.

Add-On Services

In addition to our standard grooming packages, we offer a variety of add-on services to address specific concerns or preferences. These include flea and tick treatments, ear cleaning, and more. You can customize your pet’s grooming experience to meet their unique needs.

Payment Options

We accept multiple payment options for your convenience. You can pay for our grooming services using cash, credit cards, or other electronic payment methods. We want to make the payment process as hassle-free as possible for our valued customers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At PETicure Grooming CA, we take pride in our work, and your pet’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our competitive grooming prices ensure that you can provide your pet with the care it deserves without breaking the bank. We believe that every pet deserves to look and feel their best, and our pricing reflects our commitment to making that a reality.

Book an appointment today to experience our exceptional grooming services at affordable grooming prices. Your pet will thank you for it!